Welcome to the Arizona Museum for Youth, where it’s adventure time from the instant you enter until the moment you leave. Some of the key upcoming events include:

Wing It!  All Things That Fly – February 10th through May 6th, 2012

An exhibition that features artwork that showcases our collective fascination with the creatures, inventions and fantasies which allow us to venture up, up and away!

Extreme Pets – May 25th through September 9th, 2012

Domestic animals are not possessions. They are members of the family. Whether it be dog, cat, birds, hamsters, lizards, goats, horses or elephants, our pets provide us with unconditional love. Extreme Pets takes an artistic look at the relationship people have with pets and how much they affect our lives.

Show Me The Money – September 28th through January 20, 2013

Show Me the Money bring to life through art some of the things that make the world go around: dollars, banknotes, bankrolls, bills, bread, bucks, capital, cash, checks, chips, coins, coinage, dough, finances, funds, gold, gravy, greenbacks, hard cash, legal tender, loot, pesos, riches, roll, salary, silver, treasures, wad, wages, and wealth. No matter what you call it, money is an interesting subject to illustrate through art.

Check out membership. For frequent visitors it might be worth considering.

There are a ton of other events listed for 2012. Check the event calendar (link below).

The Museum for Youth isn’t just for kids. There are plenty of things for adults to do as well…in fact there’s a page just for them (see below).

Dates and Times

  • Closed Mon
  • Tue to Sat 10am to 4pm
  • Sun 12pm to 4pm


  • $7.00
  • Children under 1 are FREE
  • Members are FREE


35 North Robson
Mesa, AZ 85201

Map & Directions


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